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Are you looking for roadside car assistance, tow truck services, car breakdown services, technical assistance on the road?

You found the right place! Call us 20 344 446. We work 24/7. 

Our professional team with 3 tow trucks will help you fast and with professional care for your car. 
Roadside assistance - damaged wheel, need to change spare tire, car battery problems, out of fuel, accidents. Our team will asses the damages and if possible help you and repair the car on the road, so you can continue on your own. If the problem is more serious we can deliver your car to any address, to local repair shop, we can help you find nearest dealer center or get your car to our own car repair shop.

20 344 446

Tow truck services

We work 24/7. We are located in city Sigulda, 50 km from capital Rīga, 35 km from city Cēsis. We have 3 tow trucks, 2 with hydraulic platforms. We will deliver your car to anywhere you want in Latvia or Europe.

technical assistance

We can help you to change spare tire, jump start your car, change car battery, bring fuel, pull out from ditch. If repair is not possible on the road we will tow your car to repair shop or any address of your choosing.

car repair shop, rental

We have our own car repair shop with more than 10 years experience and 3 professional mechanics. You can find us on google maps, search 2G PROJEKTI near city SIgulda. If you want your car to be repaired at our repair shop and continue your journey, we can offer car rental.